Let's Do the Work to Heal Ourselves So the Next Generation is Better Than Us


As an Afro-Indigenous person I wanted to share a moment of reflection.

I was talking with my father, Keith Holness, and had to ask him why I feel so numb and desensitized to what's happening.

His simple reply was, "This is not the first time".

As my heart sunk into my chest I sat with those words, "This is not the first time".

As anger filled my void I couldn't help but want to know the answer and find WHAT the solution is that I can contribute to.

That's when I realized I am the solution, we are the solution, not WHAT is the solution. If I do my part to be the best me, I am part of the change to make the world around me a better place. When I succeed, the opposition loses.

When I keep my family and loved ones safe and protected, there is no threat. When we come together as a community, we are stronger.