How to Become Our Own Personal Cheerleaders

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

We all have people in our lives who encourage us to do our best and cheer us on when we are struggling. But have you ever thought about becoming your own cheerleader?

Self-promotion can yield positive results in our professional lives but talking about ourselves can be daunting.

Most of us are terrified at the idea of flaunting our accomplishments, especially on public platforms like LinkedIn, since we don’t want to be perceived as pompous or self-absorbed.

Sometimes we are also concerned about being misunderstood or hurting other people's feelings. A friend of mine says she never talks about her achievements at work because she doesn’t want to push away her friends and coworkers or appear as if she is trying to diminish them by shining the spotlight on herself or her work.

While self-promotion isn’t considered admirable and is often discouraged – especially when it comes to women – the fact is that calling attention to our achievements is what helps us advance in our careers.

We may be doing all the right things to succeed professionally — take on and deliver key projects, seek advice from mentors at the workplace and outside, and develop a rapport with leaders in our industry — however, research proves that women's careers grow at a much slower pace as compared to their male colleagues and we have to often wait longer to receive a promotion or pay raise. Hence, it is important to understand the benefits of talking about our achievements.

On the other hand, self-promotion doesn’t always have to be public. It can be as simple as ensuring that our supervisors are aware of the work we are doing and are giving us regular feedback and credit where due.

Self-promotion at the workplace can also show our supervisors that we are ready for bigger challenges, deserve a salary hike, or would like to take on more responsibilities. Once we make it clear that we value ourselves and are confident in our abilities, others will start to notice our contribution and progress too.