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Not a New Year’s Resolution


No, I don’t want to lose weight. Ok, I do. But this isn’t a part of my New Year ANYTHING!

My resolution is to continue to let myself know how awesome I am.

My resolution is to feel great about myself even when I’ve been asked all day long at work “you look tired, you OK?”

My resolution is to continue to reject the idea that I have to lower my standards in order to not be “alone”.

My resolution is to ask anyone who is in an unfulfilled relationship “why are you still with him/her/they?” If nothing has changed all these months/years, what makes you think it will now?

My resolution is to continue to make a difference in the work that I do helping as many as it can.

My resolution is to continue to bask in the warm-fuzzy feelings I have when I am with my crew or family.

My resolution is to always continue to improve who I am and where I’ll be going.

What is your not a resolution?

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